Company History

CEO Brad Sharp founded the company in March of 2001. Initially located in the Rockfield Business park, the company's focus was on identifying and developing IP protected, novel medical device disposables with a short regulatory path.

The first developed product was a small cardiology wire insertion tool called QuickWIT followed by an ergonomic aortic punch called SensiPull. Both products came in 2003 and generated the company's first revenue.

In 2006 the first equity capital was raised and the current management team was assembled. Around that time, marketing rights were acquired for Ultra IAB aortic balloon pump catheter range created by TMP of Japan. In 2007 the company attained CE mark & FDA clearance to market the device and established a global sales and distribution network.

Concurrently in 2006 Insightra Medical partnered with the Nanyang Technological University based in Singapore, to develop a line of soft tissue surgical retractors called ReeTrakt. The product was subsequently FDA registered and attained CE mark in 2007. Also in 2006 Insightra also incubated Minos Medical, Inc., a company focused on natural orifice surgery.

2007 also saw the licensing of Freedom-I (Inguinal Hernia Repair) and the internal development of the Freedom-V (Ventral Hernia Repair).

In late 2007 the company added of a line of Bare Metal Stents and initial collaboration on a dual drug-eluting stent technology, as well as pre-clinical work for their hernia systems and the publication of the initial clinical data and histological work.

In 2008 the company raised its Series A financing from a U.K.-based family office. This was the initial working capital required to begin expanding commercial operations.

The company raised the Series B financing round with MNI Ventures in Bangalore, closely related to Manipal in 2011. This facilitated the development of the commercial versions of the inguinal and ventral hernia products, and the development of a direct sales force in India. In tandem they brought the Minos Medical portfolio back into the company to bolster their general surgery and endoscopy research & development programs.

The Freedom Inguinal Hernia System received FDA claerance in 2012 and the company saw a major opportunity in the general surgery market with a particular focus on hernia repair.

The beta launch of the Freedom Inguinal Hernia System and the initiation of the international clinical study began in 2013.