Why Tigr® Matrix

TIGR® Matrix Surgical Mesh is the world's 1st long-term resorbable 100% synthetic matrix. It is warp knitted from two different resorbable fibers that degrade at different rates following implantation. TIGR® Matrix was developed based on the hypothesis that soft tissue positively remodels in response to the stimulus of increased mechanical load. It is strong for more than 6 months and gone in 3 years.

At implant

3 Weeks

3 Years


The first fiber is a copolymer of glycolide, lactide and trimethylene carbonate. The second fiber is a copolymer of lactide and trimethylene carbonate. Once implanted, both fibers degrade by bulk hydrolysis.

This unique, patented dual-fiber design provides an initial high strength / high stability configuration, with gradually increasing mechanical compliance over time as the device loses strength and is resorbed.

Dual-Stage Resorption

Increasing Mechanical Compliance

After an initial 2 week healing phase the increasing mechanical compliance results in a gradual transition of load from the mesh to the patient.

The macroporous structure (pore size of 1-1.5mm at the time of implementation) is designed to permit tissue integration for tissue repair.

Tissue Integration and collagen deposition

4 months post implantation

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

TIGR® Matrix presented as well-integrated mesh without signs of encapsulation.*

24 months post implantation

TIGR® Matrix revealed a newly formed abdominal wall of approximately 6 mm.*

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

The control mesh (Polyproylene) showed a wall thickness of approximately 1.3 mm.*

* Reference: Hjort H, Mathisen T, Alves A, Clermont G, Boutrand JP. Three-year results from a preclinical implantation study of a longterm resorbable surgical mesh
with time-dependent mechanical characteristics. Hernia. 2012;16(2):191-197

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