1 Core

Occupies the effect

2 Preperitoneal Disc

Placed in the Preperitoneal Space;
Protects the Repair and stabilizes the device

Existing Clinical Problem

Acute and chronic post-operative pain has been associated with open inguinal hernia repair, with Reinpold et al reporting a 16.5% incidence of chronic pain 6 months after surgical repair(1). Point fixation and onlay meshes are the main causes for chronic pain after open inguinal hernia repair surgeries1.

1Reinpold WMJ, Nehls J, Eggert A. Nerve management and chronic pain after open inguinal hernia repair. Ann Surg. 2011; 254:163–168. [PubMed]

The Proflor Solution

Dynamic Core

The combination of the dynamic core and the posterior disk is designed to provide fixation-free placement, allowing regrowth of healthy tissue.

No Onlay Component, No Stitching

Less invasion of the anterior space reduces the risk of nerve damage, shrinkage and therefore the most common factors contributing to chronic pain.


Healthy tissue in-growth2 – porcine histology results at 8 months

healthy connective tissue

healthy connective tissue

well-structured arteries

well-structured arteries

mature nerve structure

mature nerve structure

2Amato G. et al. A New Prosthetic Implant for Inguinal Hernia Repair: Its features in a Porcine Experimental Model. Artif Organs, 35(8):E181 E190 (2011)

Confidence in outcomes

Randomized, controlled trial to evaluate immediate post-operative pain following
PROFLOR and Lichtenstein open inguinal hernia repair

The PROFLOR Group showed:

43% reduction in Operative Time*

6x reduction in post-op analgesics*

Significantly less pain at POD 7* (VAS)

Significantly improved Quality of Life* (CCSTM)

Trial Results: post-operative pain and QOL

Pain assessment on visual
analog scale (VAS)

Pain assessment on carolinas comfort scale ™

Product Ordering Information

Order code Contents Core
Preperitoneal disk
size and shape
(1) each 25mm implant
(1) 25mm implant with delivery kit
6cm Round
(1) each 40mm implant
(1) 40mm implant with delivery kit
7cm Round
(1) each 25mm Extended implant
(1) 25mm Extended implant with delivery kit
8cm x 10cm Ovoid
(1) each 40mm Extended implant
(1) 40mm Extended implant with delivery kit
8cm x 10cm Ovoid

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