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The MODULARE® Catheter Stabilization Device

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Why Modulare®

The Modulare Catheter Stabilization Device is an improvement in catheter fixation technology for patients who require access catheters. With its versatile design and soft material construction, the Modulare Device provides simplified sutureless securement with enhanced ease of use and patient comfort.

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One-size-fits-all design eliminates need to stock multiple models
Split design for easy application with minimal catheter manipulation
Compatible with most brands of catheters


Clear adhesive pads for visibility of skin surface
Acrylic adhesive for reliable securement
Reduced risk of needle-stick injury


Split design enables one-sided stabilization during change-out
Ergonomic pad shape for enhanced stabilization
Designed for the right balance of securement and patient comfort

2.5X stronger than suture



Modulare application


Using Modulare®

For a full description of the application technique you should refer to the Instructions for Use

MODULARE Device application

MODULARE Dressing Change

MODULARE Alternative Dressing Change

MODULARE Peripheral IV usage


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Ordering and evaluating the product

Inightra Modulare is ideal for a wide range of catheter application including CVCs, PICCs and peripheral catheters. To find out more contact and we will have a local representative contact you straight away.


Training & education opportunities

Insightra Medical provides multiple training resources for the Modulare Catheter Stabilization Device

Training Centers - Our clinical training programs are conducted around the world.

Clinician Collaboration and Proctoring – Other clinicians are willing to share their knowledge and experience about Modulare.

Inservice Training – Insightra Medical authorized representatives are available for in house training and product support during initial cases.

Please contact us to request more information on training & education.